The Norwegian Tax Haven (2023)

Documentary for NRK

Bø is a small village in Northern Norway. Over the last few decades, the population of Bø has decreased significantly, and it is now in desperate need of more citizens.

The mayor of Bø decides to reduce the wealth tax, becoming the only municipality in Norway to do so. His hope is that wealthy investors will move to Bø, creating new opportunities and jobs to attract more people to the village.

As a result, the village becomes a tax haven. What effect will this have on the cohesion of Bø? Will it divide the people, or is it perhaps the salvation they have been longing for?

The film is available at NRK (only in Norway)

Director: Christer Sev
Producer: August Falch Sørheim 

A city that could have been (2020)

Short documentary

A Finnish woman meets a Norwegian man through a dating app. The story of her encounter is reflected in the urban surfaces of Helsinki.

Watch the film here

Made by Erlend Koppergård and Christer Sev

Daniel og Simen (2019)

Documentary for NRK

Daniel and Simen suffer from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a brutal disease that breaks down their muscles and leads to an early death.

Despite a tough daily life, the brothers are big names on YouTube and reach out to thousands of fans all over Norway. Their fame has helped them through hard times, but it has also led to cyberbullying, which they now fight against.

The film is available in Norwegian at Filmbib

Director: Christer Sev
Producer: August Falch Sørheim